Manufacturers Websites

The Links Below Take you directly to the leading Military Watch Companies and Manufacturers Websites.

Formerly the leading manufacturers for the British MOD. A variety of interesting models.

A variety of military watch models ranging from infantry to divers.

Important Note: Some collectors have suggested that I add a note to point out that there are in fact two CWC sites is the site of CWC (Combat Watch Company) and does not supply the same watches as so it is important to avoid confusion.

One of my personal favourites among the leading manufacturers.

MWC (Military Watch Company) 
A very large range of high quality military watches. Solidly built and keenly priced. 

Mb Microtec are the leading manufacturer of Tritium Vials (GTLS) they also make some Military Spec watches such as the P6500.

Manufacturers of NATO Chronographs as supplied to the German Luftwaffe.

Aviator, Buran, Sturmanskie, Vostok Europe, Denissov & Vostok. Large German based distributor of Russian Military brands.

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